The Knowledge Factory, Inc. Non-Profit 501(C)(3)

Activity #1: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Lab Television Series 

Purpose: To provide exciting hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and teaching strategies through distance learning to help teachers improve students’ test scores and interest in STEM-related subject areas. 

Description: This cable in the classroom and live-streamed Internet series is designed to increase student interest in STEM-related careers. Each week, a science facilitator will present exciting STEM demonstrations developed around the National Science Education Standards that relate STEM to the real world. The series will also incorporated hip-hop music to help anchor the principles and concepts presented.

Location: Philadelphia School District PSTV Studio, 440 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA and Grand Hank STEM Center, 501 East Armstrong Street, Philadelphia, PA.


Activity #2: STEM - Energy Road Show 

Purpose: To generate an early interest and new proficiency in the core subjects needed to prepare for and subsequently pursue careers requiring a solid grasp of STEM. 

Description: The Live STEM Demonstration Tour will be a spin-off of the “STEM Lab” television series and will serve as a direct outreach program to students. This high voltage, exciting experience works to: Increase academic achievement among at-risk youth; Raise self-esteem and instill self-confidence; Offer a powerful learning tool to help children see and start to reach for their maximum learning potential; Encourage educators to consider innovative and effective teaching models; and Showcase future career possibilities by engaging and involving STEM-based and Energy industry employers. 

Location: The tour will travel nationally and internationally


Activity #3: STEM Teacher Training Workshop: Turning Students On To STEM Using Hip-Hop Music and Hand-on Demonstrations 

Purpose: To provide creative solutions to helping teachers improve urban and at-risk students performance in STEM related subjects.

Description: This high-energy workshop is designed to help teachers get a handle on teaching the fundamentals of STEM subjects to urban and at-risk students. This multimedia approach incorporated “Multiple Intelligence” and “Inquiry Based” teaching strategies. By integrating hip-hop music with hands-on STEM demonstrations, this workshop is designed to help teachers challenge and get students excited about STEM.

Location: To be held on-site at school and meeting facilities.


Activity #4: Summer STEM Camp 

Purpose: To provide urban and at-risk youth with hands-on STEM experience during the summer to improve their skill, confidence and provide a safe alternative when school is not in session.

Description: The STEM program is designed to help students in the area of STEM by integrating a curriculum-based approach combined with exciting hands-on activities. The program will help strengthen students’ STEM skills and improve their outlook and overall ability to do Standards-based STEM.

Location: Grand Hank STEM Center 501 East Armstrong Street, Philadelphia, PA


Activity #5: After School STEM Enrichment Program 

Purpose: To provide urban and at-risk students with an opportunity to improve their academic performance in an out-of-school-time environment.

Description: The STEM enrichment program is designed to provide students the opportunity to learn about STEM up close and personal by offering hands-on training in STEM related subjects. Students will work in the area of robotics, clean energy, environmental, etc. in an effort to inspire them to pursue STEM related careers.

Location: Grand Hank STEM Center 501 East Armstrong Street, Philadelphia, PA